Monday, June 21, 2010


In the waning hours of spring,
the dj tells me that in Helsinki
the sun rose at 4:51 am
and won’t set again
till nearly midnight

on this, the solstice.
A day like that can never feel normal,
it could never be born and die,
like other days,
like this morning, your naked skin
cool against mine,
when you woke me,
with your body pressed to mine
full of need

in these death throws of a season.
No, there would be too many hours to fill.
Too many screaming hours,
full of minutes and seconds,
where the sun refuses to go down
and the cool relief of evening
when the light fades out
and you can finally,
after all this time,
stop shielding your eyes,
and remember that night is real
and not just something
you remembered from a dream.

I would go mad, I think
in a day like that,
but I would take a night that didn’t end.
The thought makes my knees go a little weak,
and I am back there and 14,
and waiting on the side of the lake,
for my chance to fall from the rope
from the black sky
through the black space
into all that black water.
Over and over again.


  1. Well, found it very interesting that the haiku I wrote walking in this morning ... one of two, actually, the other about a snail and it wasn't pretty, either ... about the summer solstice also shares the word "scream"

    summer solstice -
    new bindweed,

    Seems the collective unconscious or whatever has us all tuned to the same high pitched wail ...

    Thanks for the poem. Don

  2. Don, what else is there to do but scream at the beginning of what will probably feel like a never ending summer.

    I love your haiku.